“You did it!” or is that too cliché? Nevertheless, to all 516 of our spring 2017 graduates, congratulations! You did it! Now, on to another important matter: What is your next step? Are you ready to enroll in school again, to get another degree? Have you already landed a job in your field of study?

Chattahoochee Technical College boasts a 97.2% job placement rate.* What does that mean for you? Likely, 24 out of 25 of you will have a job upon receiving your diploma.

Akiraj Lawson, one of the 32 graduates from the Business Management program, has already landed a job in her field and plans to continue her education by pursuing bachelor’s at a four-year college or university. Lawson would like to own her own business one day.

Business Technology graduate and member of the National Technical Honor Society, Ashley Smith, has already accepted a position in her field, and will be returning to CTC for an Accounting degree.

Don’t worry if you have yet to find a job, we’re here to help! *insert superhero theme music*

Ten tips for finding a job:

1.      Know your job field – apply for jobs in which your degree is applicable.

2.      Brush up your resume.

3.       Get your LinkedIn set up (& follow us!).

4.       Network! Sometimes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

5.      Set aside time each day to check job boards and submit applications.

6.    Go into job interviews well prepared – know the company, position and relate it to your skills and experience.

7.       Breathe.

8.       Then rock out the interview.

9.       Send a “thank you” note or email to the interviewers.

10.   Be patient in your job search (easier said than done – we know!).

Whether you are moving on to another degree, moving into the workforce (or both) or still in the job market, we know you will represent Chattahoochee Tech well in your future endeavors. In case you have not heard it enough, congratulations! Best of luck!

*Per the 2016 Annual Report