Looking for a quiet place to study or work on your paper? Look no further! Chattahoochee Technical College has seven libraries with librarians and library staff to help you find what you’re looking for (or help you with that research project)! The libraries are a great place to study, do research, and get help finding information or checking citations.

The Library Services department offers a variety of services, including countless internet resources and books for conducting research or reading for pleasure. The library also provides:

·         Assistance with class papers, projects and assignments

·         Equipment such as computers for school or leisure purposes, printers and photocopiers

·         Facilities such as tables for group study or carrels for individual study, quiet study areas and group study rooms

Every campus library has displays and features tailored to their campus and students. The current featured program at the North Metro Campus is Computer Information Systems. Did you know CTC offers six majors under this program? The display houses books about computers, networking, security, computer ethics and computers in culture. The library on the Marietta Campus currently has a poetry and rock ‘n’ roll display. Check out the featured display on your campus, as well as the display for new books! Who knows? You could come across a new favorite book!

The librarians have put together Library Guides for research assistance, subject guides and useful resources. These include helpful books, databases, citation information and links to support every course or program that is taught at Chattahoochee Tech, as well as special topic features. One special topic guide from this month is about the current hot topic of fake news. Navigating and interpreting digital media can be difficult. This Library Guide hosts tips and information about who and what you should trust on the internet, while also offering insight on yellow journalism—the fake news of the 19th century. Read more here.

For more information about Chattahoochee Technical College Library Services, visit here.