Twelve Chattahoochee Technical College students and three faculty members experienced the trip of a lifetime this summer by visiting Spain as part of an 11-day study abroad trip. While in Spain, the group visited Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Mijas (Costa del Sol region), Seville, Madrid and Segovia. They were also able to experience British culture with a trip to the Rock of Gibraltar to visit the Barbary apes, a species of macaque monkeys that were introduced from Morocco to Gibraltar.

The academic focus of the Study Abroad program is cultural immersion, visiting significant points of interest and instilling a sense of global citizenship.

Health Care Science student Jessica Silvano Malvaez’s favorite part of the trip was visiting all the cathedrals and learning about and observing the differences among the architecture.

“This trip changed my views on friendship,” Malvaez said. “In a matter of days, I made amazing friends. We bonded so much, and I am glad I was able to go on this trip.”

The other study abroad students also enjoyed visiting the cathedrals and palaces, observing the architecture, speaking Spanish with people on the street, a flamenco show, the history, the aqueduct in Spain, meeting with Spanish students and the food, especially the churros!

“This trip allowed me to be open and engaged to other cultures,” states Culinary Arts student Rasheem Washington. “I appreciated the opportunity to learn another language. It allowed me to see some things I have never seen before. This trip impacted me greatly and changed my views on culture and the appreciation of learning another language.”

The next Study Abroad trip will be to Italy and Greece in May 2018. Applications are currently being accepted through the end of January 2018.

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CTC Study Abroad at the Alhambra