Finals Week for the Summer Semester is here! Are you ready? We’ve compiled a short list of our best study tips to help you ace your final. Good luck!


MAKE THE TIME: It can be difficult with classes, work, and a family but finding time to study is key. Even if you have 10-15 minutes between classes or class and work, make that time count.

GET ORGANIZED: Make a plan. Know when you’re going to study, what you’re going to study, and where you’re going to study. (Also, organize your study area! You can focus better in a clean and organized space.)

TAKE GOOD NOTES: Whether you like to take detailed notes while in class or while reading the textbook, make sure they are organized so you can go back over them while studying. A few different ways to go over your notes is to type them up, color-code them with different pens or highlighters, or even turn your notes into flashcards.

FIND YOUR ZONE: Determine your personal study style… Do you study best alone or in groups? Do you prefer a silent area, or do you need some activity going on around you? Seek out what atmosphere puts you in your best study zone.

TAKE BREAKS: Although you may feel like you cannot step away from studying, it is important to take breaks and give your brain time to relax. Go for a walk, listen to some music, have a two-minute dance party, or do anything you need to clear your mind.