With today being the first day of class for Fall Semester, we wanted to help you out a bit by recommending items that you should always have on hand (in your backpack). We asked students what their backpack essentials were and came up with a list of the top ten answers:

1. Phone charger (preferably portable): Definitely a necessity.










2. Snacks: Some recommended snacks are: fruit, trail mix, almonds, and anything that can be opened and enjoyed quietly.







3. Water: Hydration is important!








4. Wallet: You never want to be caught at the vending machines with no cash!












5. Lip balm: Especially in the winter months!












6. Paper, Notebooks, Portable Drives: Whether you prefer written or typed, you have to be able to take notes somehow.










7. Planner: Don’t want to overbook yourself or forget important dates!







8. Pencils & Pens: You have to have something to write those notes with!









9. Hand Sanitizer: Germs. Ew.









10.Sweatshirt/Cardigan: Is it me or are 9/10 classrooms always freezing?