You know what they say, the early bird (or Golden Eagle) gets the worm! This phrase can also be applicable when referring to course registration!

We know, you all have busy schedules. That makes registering early for classes even more important! Between work, family responsibilities and school, having an organized schedule (and course schedule) can make your life a little easier!

Course registration for the Spring Semester opened today, so here are five reasons you should register for class early:

Course Selection
Registering early increases your chances of getting the courses you want and need. If a course you need fills up, that could mean an extra semester, or even a year, between you and your diploma.

Registering early makes it possible for students to secure adequate advising as needed from the Office of Advisement and Career Services, or even specialized advising (for example, Disability Support Services, or counseling services). Take advantage of all of the services that are offered to you as a student at Chattahoochee Technical College!

More Money, Less Problems
Students who register early allow themselves time to have any outstanding holds removed and resolve financial aid issues that could impede their progress.

Additional Classes
Early registration allows CTC to better judge the demand of courses and take the necessary steps to respond. Do we need to add courses? Move rooms to allow for more seats? If enough people register early,  we can make the correct changes.

Peace of Mind
Registering early means less stress! This is a great benefit for your emotional well-being.