With it being the Thanksgiving season, we decided to take to social media and a few classes to find out what our students are thankful for when it comes to Chattahoochee Technical College. A big “thank you” to all who participated. We have shared some of your responses below! We hope you enjoy a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family!


“I’m thankful that CTC cares so much about their students; they actually care and give us so many options to benefit our mental and emotional well-being.” – Samantha Taylor, Associate of Science in Nursing

“VERY thankful for Dr. Forrester!!!” – Kayla Morris, Health Care Assistant

“I’m thankful that there are teachers at CTC who care about their students. 🙂 ” – Greyson Dover. Health Care Science

“I’m thankful for the amazing staff!! You guys really go above and beyond for the students!! I really enjoy participating in all the activities thrown by the Office of Student Involvement. I look forward to them!” – Karena Wynn, Clinical Laboratory Technology

“I am thankful for the great instructors and sense of community at Chattahoochee Tech.” – Jakob Biddle, Computer Programming

“I value the instructors and the people at CTC, but mostly the Dual Enrollment program!” – Brennan Morse, Dual Enrollment

“I appreciate the small class sizes- I am able to communicate with my instructors, the helpful staff and the multiple locations.” – Trinh Nguyen, Computer Programming

“I’m a relatively new student, but I’m thankful for the accessibility to the community and the value. Everyone I have encountered thus far has been very helpful. It has impacted me by offering me the opportunity to change the direction of my life.” – Andria Stephenson, Associate of Science in Nursing

“I value the instructors’ passion. The instructors here are always helpful and make classes exciting.” – Gina Franzoso, Health Care Science

“The staff on campus, who I have gotten to know, are very kind and helpful, whether I needed advice in certain situations or just needed someone to talk to.” – Pareeta Desai, Computer Programming

“I am thankful for the small class size and the caring instructors.” – Lee-Ann Bush, Health Care Science

“The professors that equip us with the confidence, knowledge and their time to move forward to better our future.” – Kylista Rodriguez, Occupational Therapy Assistant

“I appreciate the location and the affordability of Chattahoochee Technical College.” – Melissa Wilson, Associate of Science in Nursing