Does this semester seem to be dragging on for you? Are you counting down the days until graduation (or summer break)? We know it is time for midterms, and you might be struggling to find the motivation to get through this semester, so we created a list of tips to help you finish the semester strong!

  1. Get Organized: Make it easy on yourself! Whether it is your notes, your backpack, or your life, get organized and stay organized! Make sure you know where to find all the notes you need, and make sure you know your deadlines.
  2. Make It Fun: Speaking of those notes, make them fun! Write with different colored pens, make your notes color-coordinated, or use colorful highlighters or doodle in the margins! Give your notes some life and engage your brain!
  3. Make a Goal: What is your goal? A certain GPA? A certain program? Making it out alive?
  4. Stay Focused: Setting short-term and long-term goals will help the semester go by quicker and help keep you on track! If your long-term goal is to make an A in a certain class, your short-term goal could be to have perfect attendance in the class or never miss a homework assignment. Your short-term goals can help you achieve your long-term goals!
  5. Take a Break: Have you been looking at the same book for too long? Take a break! Play a game, grab a snack, or talk to a friend! Take a 15-minute break and reset your focus.
  6. Get Some Fresh Air: The weather is getting warmer! Go for a walk outside or sit at a picnic table, and let your mind rest.
  7. Make a Bucket List: What do you want to do before graduate? Go on a road trip? Get one last free T-shirt at an event on campus? Make a list of things, and start working through them!
  8. Make a Plan: Meet with the College’s Career Services team to ensure that you are prepared for the workforce! Learn more about what the Career Services Department at Chattahoochee Tech offers by visiting the career services page.
  9. Petition to Graduate: Is walking at graduation one of your goals? Make sure you petition to graduate! For more information about graduation, visit the graduation page of the website.
  10. Reward Yourself: You are almost there! Take a moment to reward yourself for how far you have already come.