The Office of Student Involvement

Have you had free Chick-fil-A on campus this semester? Have you tie-dyed a t-shirt, played plinko or ran through a maze? If not, you’re missing out! The Office of Student Involvement exists to enrich the lives of students outside of the classroom through an array of social and educational events and a variety of student organizations. The OSI coordinates at least one event per month on every campus.

“Students should stop by an event to connect with other students from across campus as well as have a fun experience outside of the classroom,” said Brittani Farmer, Student Involvement Specialist. “Through the Student Activity Fee, the Office of Student Involvement is able to provide students with free activities, such as pancakes, games, smoothies, coffee and more!”

When you attend an event and sign in with the OSI, you will be awarded Eagle Bucks. The Eagle Bucks program’s focus is on rewarding students for getting involved in events held throughout the College, including OSI events, Recreation and Intramural events, college and career fairs, workshops, open houses, etc. Students can accumulate points throughout the year and earn prizes including coffee mugs, water bottles, headphones, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and Six Flags tickets!

There are multiple ways to find out about upcoming events, including: social media, posters in the hallways, emails, and the calendar located on the Office of Student Involvement webpage.

Be on the lookout for these upcoming events hosted by the OSI:
October 9-12: Mid Semester Check-Up
October 18 & 23: Paint-A-Pumpkin
October 30: Halloween Spooktacular
October 31: Trick or Treat at CTC
November 16: Name That Tune
November 30: Winter Wonderland
December 4-7: Exam Breakfast


Backpack Essentials

With today being the first day of class for Fall Semester, we wanted to help you out a bit by recommending items that you should always have on hand (in your backpack). We asked students what their backpack essentials were and came up with a list of the top ten answers:

1. Phone charger (preferably portable): Definitely a necessity.










2. Snacks: Some recommended snacks are: fruit, trail mix, almonds, and anything that can be opened and enjoyed quietly.







3. Water: Hydration is important!








4. Wallet: You never want to be caught at the vending machines with no cash!












5. Lip balm: Especially in the winter months!












6. Paper, Notebooks, Portable Drives: Whether you prefer written or typed, you have to be able to take notes somehow.










7. Planner: Don’t want to overbook yourself or forget important dates!







8. Pencils & Pens: You have to have something to write those notes with!









9. Hand Sanitizer: Germs. Ew.









10.Sweatshirt/Cardigan: Is it me or are 9/10 classrooms always freezing?


Five Study Tips for Finals Week

Finals Week for the Summer Semester is here! Are you ready? We’ve compiled a short list of our best study tips to help you ace your final. Good luck!


MAKE THE TIME: It can be difficult with classes, work, and a family but finding time to study is key. Even if you have 10-15 minutes between classes or class and work, make that time count.

GET ORGANIZED: Make a plan. Know when you’re going to study, what you’re going to study, and where you’re going to study. (Also, organize your study area! You can focus better in a clean and organized space.)

TAKE GOOD NOTES: Whether you like to take detailed notes while in class or while reading the textbook, make sure they are organized so you can go back over them while studying. A few different ways to go over your notes is to type them up, color-code them with different pens or highlighters, or even turn your notes into flashcards.

FIND YOUR ZONE: Determine your personal study style… Do you study best alone or in groups? Do you prefer a silent area, or do you need some activity going on around you? Seek out what atmosphere puts you in your best study zone.

TAKE BREAKS: Although you may feel like you cannot step away from studying, it is important to take breaks and give your brain time to relax. Go for a walk, listen to some music, have a two-minute dance party, or do anything you need to clear your mind.


Study Abroad: Spain

Twelve Chattahoochee Technical College students and three faculty members experienced the trip of a lifetime this summer by visiting Spain as part of an 11-day study abroad trip. While in Spain, the group visited Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Mijas (Costa del Sol region), Seville, Madrid and Segovia. They were also able to experience British culture with a trip to the Rock of Gibraltar to visit the Barbary apes, a species of macaque monkeys that were introduced from Morocco to Gibraltar.

The academic focus of the Study Abroad program is cultural immersion, visiting significant points of interest and instilling a sense of global citizenship.

Health Care Science student Jessica Silvano Malvaez’s favorite part of the trip was visiting all the cathedrals and learning about and observing the differences among the architecture.

“This trip changed my views on friendship,” Malvaez said. “In a matter of days, I made amazing friends. We bonded so much, and I am glad I was able to go on this trip.”

The other study abroad students also enjoyed visiting the cathedrals and palaces, observing the architecture, speaking Spanish with people on the street, a flamenco show, the history, the aqueduct in Spain, meeting with Spanish students and the food, especially the churros!

“This trip allowed me to be open and engaged to other cultures,” states Culinary Arts student Rasheem Washington. “I appreciated the opportunity to learn another language. It allowed me to see some things I have never seen before. This trip impacted me greatly and changed my views on culture and the appreciation of learning another language.”

The next Study Abroad trip will be to Italy and Greece in May 2018. Applications are currently being accepted through the end of January 2018.

For more information, click here.

CTC Study Abroad at the Alhambra



The Library

Looking for a quiet place to study or work on your paper? Look no further! Chattahoochee Technical College has seven libraries with librarians and library staff to help you find what you’re looking for (or help you with that research project)! The libraries are a great place to study, do research, and get help finding information or checking citations.

The Library Services department offers a variety of services, including countless internet resources and books for conducting research or reading for pleasure. The library also provides:

·         Assistance with class papers, projects and assignments

·         Equipment such as computers for school or leisure purposes, printers and photocopiers

·         Facilities such as tables for group study or carrels for individual study, quiet study areas and group study rooms

Every campus library has displays and features tailored to their campus and students. The current featured program at the North Metro Campus is Computer Information Systems. Did you know CTC offers six majors under this program? The display houses books about computers, networking, security, computer ethics and computers in culture. The library on the Marietta Campus currently has a poetry and rock ‘n’ roll display. Check out the featured display on your campus, as well as the display for new books! Who knows? You could come across a new favorite book!

The librarians have put together Library Guides for research assistance, subject guides and useful resources. These include helpful books, databases, citation information and links to support every course or program that is taught at Chattahoochee Tech, as well as special topic features. One special topic guide from this month is about the current hot topic of fake news. Navigating and interpreting digital media can be difficult. This Library Guide hosts tips and information about who and what you should trust on the internet, while also offering insight on yellow journalism—the fake news of the 19th century. Read more here.

For more information about Chattahoochee Technical College Library Services, visit here.


Summer Adventures

It’s June, and you know what that means? Summertime! (Ok. So the first day of summer is technically at the end of the month, but we’re going to celebrate now anyways.) Some of you are still taking courses this summer, but hopefully you can take some time away from the books/classrooms/labs to enjoy one of the many attractions in our area and see what metro-Atlanta has to offer. If you’re sitting at home bored, wondering what you should do this summer, let us help! We created a summer bucket list to help and inspire you for your summer adventure! (Reminder: Always check to see if there is a student discount when ordering tickets!)

• Do you love rollercoasters? Has it been a few years since you’ve visited Six Flags? Take a ride on the wild side this summer, and visit Hurricane Harbor if it get too hot!

• Make a splash! Visit White Water to cool off and beat the heat!

• Stop and smell the roses! Visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!

• Take a hike, literally! Explore some of the awesome trails we have here in Georgia.

• Cool down with a breeze while zip-lining through the trees! There are multiple options for places to zip-line in areas from Sandy Springs, Lake Lanier, and all around North Georgia.

• Bury your nose in a book! Check out your local library.

• Get your tomahawk chop arm ready and cheer on the Braves during their inaugural season at SunTrust Park.

• If baseball is not your thing, how about soccer? Atlanta United is in their inaugural season with home games currently being held at Bobby Dodd Stadium (Georgia Tech).

• Forget the Drive-In. See an outdoor movie at Atlantic Station!

• This one is always a classic. Shoot the ‘Hooch! There are areas all along the Chattahoochee River, but we prefer going around Atlanta or in Helen.

• Get out on the lake (or the “man made” beaches). There’s Lake Acworth (Acworth Beach), plenty of places on Allatoona Lake (including Red Top Mountain State Park) and Lake Lanier (and LanierWorld: Lake Lanier Islands and Waterpark).

• Visit Stone Mountain for the laser show! Its nightly and it’s FREE when you pay for parking!

• Catch a show (or movie!) at the Fox Theater.

• Take a day or weekend trip! Your options include but are not limited to: Athens, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Savannah, Nashville or Charleston. Just go! Google will be your friend here.


What’s Next?

“You did it!” or is that too cliché? Nevertheless, to all 516 of our spring 2017 graduates, congratulations! You did it! Now, on to another important matter: What is your next step? Are you ready to enroll in school again, to get another degree? Have you already landed a job in your field of study?

Chattahoochee Technical College boasts a 97.2% job placement rate.* What does that mean for you? Likely, 24 out of 25 of you will have a job upon receiving your diploma.

Akiraj Lawson, one of the 32 graduates from the Business Management program, has already landed a job in her field and plans to continue her education by pursuing bachelor’s at a four-year college or university. Lawson would like to own her own business one day.

Business Technology graduate and member of the National Technical Honor Society, Ashley Smith, has already accepted a position in her field, and will be returning to CTC for an Accounting degree.

Don’t worry if you have yet to find a job, we’re here to help! *insert superhero theme music*

Ten tips for finding a job:

1.      Know your job field – apply for jobs in which your degree is applicable.

2.      Brush up your resume.

3.       Get your LinkedIn set up (& follow us!).

4.       Network! Sometimes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

5.      Set aside time each day to check job boards and submit applications.

6.    Go into job interviews well prepared – know the company, position and relate it to your skills and experience.

7.       Breathe.

8.       Then rock out the interview.

9.       Send a “thank you” note or email to the interviewers.

10.   Be patient in your job search (easier said than done – we know!).

Whether you are moving on to another degree, moving into the workforce (or both) or still in the job market, we know you will represent Chattahoochee Tech well in your future endeavors. In case you have not heard it enough, congratulations! Best of luck!

*Per the 2016 Annual Report